• Financial Institution Services

Asset Management:
Is an Asia-focused financial services group that forms a strategic partnership with financial institutions and other relevant organizations to provide customized solutions for our clients to share our investment and wealth management philosophy.

Escrow Bank:
From one of Asia's largest financial services groups to promote the development of banks, to Asia and the Middle East, including retail banking, small and medium-sized corporate banks and large corporate banking comprehensive financial services.

The administrative group can provide a solution that covers the full value chain of the fund, which means that its global infrastructure allows customers to use these channels to distribute their investment management strategies anywhere in the world, understand the daily needs of each unique asset manager, As well as the broad impact of market changes on the overall impact of the business, is to promote long-term development in relationships and to create a genuine trust in our ability to serve and support our customers.

Audit Management:
Is the world's largest professional service organization, the world's top 500 companies in more than 400 to provide audit, tax and advisory services.

Legal adviser:
Law firm is Asia's leading law firm. Well aware that China, India, ASEAN countries, including countries, enterprises face complex regulatory laws and regulations and challenges. Lawyers and foreign lawyers have extensive legal education background and language skills, and by virtue of deep transnational experience and network, in a number of jurisdictions, including Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and China have legally qualified.